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50 Years Serving Puerto Rico


Founded in 1966 by José Junco Abarca, also known as “Don Pepe”, Junco Steel quickly became the largest steel distributor in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Don Pepe foresaw Puerto Rico’s increasing economic development and used his experience in Abarca to create a business that would provide the island with structural steel and tubing


After 33 years managing Junco Steel, Don Pepe passed away in 1999. A force to be reckoned with, Don Pepe is remembered as much for his hard work, kind heart and Spanish temperament, as he is for leading the steel industry in Puerto Rico.


Today, Junco Steel continues to thrive, providing clients with thousands of products, including structural and ornamental steel, tubing, roofing materials, hardware, welding equipment and accessories; a service center dedicated to cutting, bending, punching and welding; and a fabrication team committed to building sound structures in an efficient and affordable manner.


The Torregrosa Junco family carries on Don Pepe’s legacy by offering clients in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean an extensive inventory and excellent customer service in their four stores islandwide.


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